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HazSubs Services Ltd

Hazsubs Services offers expert advice in the management and compliance of hazardous substances. This includes business analysis, certification and training of staff to provide you with the best solution for a safe business.

Established in 1996, HazSubs Services has helped thousands of Kiwi businesses over the years with Training, HSW Certification and Certified Handler renewals. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience, plus the latest insight into New Zealand Hazardous Substances Regulations (HSW). An efficient, trustworthy service to protect your company, staff, and environment.

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Ian Donald

Managing Director

With over 40 years experience in the management of hazardous substances, Ian's expertise is invaluable in the field of all Hazardous Substances.

ian@hazsubs.co.nz 021 530 085


  • Registered WorkSafe NZ HSNO Test Certifier # 1 and Compliance Certifier
  • Life member of NZCTLA
  • 39 years with NZ Govt Department of Labour
  • Department of Labour Inspectorate Training Officer retiring position Deputy Chief Inspector of Dangerous Goods & Explosives
  • United Nations and NZ Government Adviser South Pacific and China


  • Dangerous Goods Certificate of Proficiency
  • Cathodic Protection Proficiency
  • Certified Test Analyst
  • All Explosives User Certification
  • Certificate of Competency - Improvised Explosives Devices

Aaron Donald BIfsc

Operations Manager

Aaron's experience and implemented changes have seen the company grow over the last 10 years. His mechanical knowledge and ability to find solutions has provided clients with a means to Certification across all industry types within Hazardous Substance compliance.

aaron@hazsubs.co.nz 021 511 291


  • Registered WorkSafe NZ HSNO Test Certifier and HSW Compliance Certifier
  • NZ Fireworks Testing Agent
  • Over 10 years HSNO implementation + Since 2017 HSW controls
  • 15 years adult trainer
  • 15 years sports facilitator 
  • Bachelor of Information Sciences
  • 5 years IT Test Analyst


  • Registered WorkSafe NZ HSNO Test Certifier and Compliance Certifier/Consultant
  • Api650 Stationary Tank course attendance
  • Approved Pyrotechnican
  • Oil and Gas Explosion Safety
  • Bachelor of Information Sciences
  • Certified IT Test Analyst
  • Qualified Marine Engineer
  • 1st Aid Registered


Jerome Rodil BSc

Compliance Certifier

Jerome has been providing environment, health and safety services for more than 17 years. He has helped clients in the manufacturing, oil & gas, power and mining industries in various countries to meet both local and international standards of performance. The management of hazardous substances and their effects had always been at the core of his specialisation. Prior to joining HazSubs in 2016, Jerome worked for Golder Associates and Coffey International.

Jerome.rodil@hazsubs.co.nz 021 511 320

Richard Gilkison MSc

Compliance Certifier

Richard is a chemist by trade with more than 20 years experience some of which included health and safety services . He has conducted quality analyst and developed health and safety policies both within the pharmaceutical and pyrotechnic industries.

Having joined Hazsubs Services in 2018 he has helped clients in the fuel, manufacturing, timber, gas and power industries countrywide with understanding the new Hazardous Substances Regulations.

richard@hazsubs.co.nz 027 222 8095

Kat Rodil

Hazardous Substance Consultant

Kat has more than 15 years experience within the environmental industries with a hazardous substances focus. Her research and involvement has taken her around the world.

Having joined Hazsubs Services in 2016 she has been providing the added support to the certification regime for HazSubs. .

kat@hazsubs.co.nz 09 443 3054

Bhavika Lal


Bhavika is responsible for our company financials. She has been with HazSubs from 2015 and provides all our financial requirements

finance@hazsubs.co.nz 09 443 3054

Scott Doran

Compliance Support

Scott is in his final stages of completing his University degree. Having joined HazSubs in 2018 he has provided the Team with the support services the business needs.

scott@hazsubs.co.nz 09 443 3054


Wendy White

Office Support

Wendy has recently joined the HazSubs Team. With a background in office administration, Wendy is the glue within the team to ensure deadlines are met. 

office@hazsubs.co.nz 09 443 3054

#1 Test Certifier with over 50 years experience