Stationary Container Systems Compliance Certification

Do i need a Stationary Container Certification?

Yes, for...

  • All below ground tanks and process containers with a capacity of more than 250L
  • All above ground tanks with a capacity of more:
    • 2500L containing Class 3.1A, 3.1B
    • 5000L containing Diesel, Toxics, Corrosives or Ecotoxics
    • 500L Containing hazardous gases
  • Where a tank is connected to a burner or generator:
    1. 50L containing 3.1A, 3.1B, 3.1C supplying internal combustion engine
    2. 500L containing 3.1D supplying internal combustion engine
    3. 60L containing a 3.1 substance supply a burner
Image of stationary container

What is Secondary Containment (bunding)?

The purpose of the HSNO Act 1996 is to protect our beautiful NZ environment. One way to achieve this is to ensure hazardous substances are well contained.

Containment of the liquid substances if they escape from the tank/container in which they are stored. The secondary containment must also provide recovery of the spilled substance.

What capacity is needed?

  • This varies due to the size of tank, the hazardous substance being stored and whether the containment is above or below ground level.

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